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BLADE 15 RTX 30 SERIES | Still the Best Gaming Laptop

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Still a beast. Still the best. The all-new Razer Blade 15 now sports the latest Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics to take on the most demanding games. Our flagship gaming laptop boasts a buttery-smooth 360Hz FHD display (with 240Hz QHD G-SYNC option available) in the smallest 15" RTX gaming laptop body out there. Available for pre-order at and RazerStores near you:

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:wink_: Pre-Order Right Now Insiders!
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Guessed it right... But I am already using the RTX 2080 Super version. :frown_:
Really disappointed that this isn't running the latest AMD 5000 mobile chips. I have a feeling this is going to get crushed in battery and performance benchmarks by laptops that cost half as much simply because they went with AMD and Razer stubbornly stuck with Intel. I say this as someone who bought the previous top of the line razer 15 OLED RTX 2080 and was looking for more performance at less power draw. The Intel processor just sucks too much power and doesn't have the performance chops to justify it.
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Can anyone confirm if the QHD Advanced Blade 15 has G-Sync? I see mention of it on the overview page but if you view details on this model it says nothing about G-Sync.
I'd also like to see a QHD OLED with 100+Hz. I get that Razer is limited to what exists and that panel doesn't exist in the world. Still, would like to see it. Because once you taste gaming and computing in OLED, it's impossible to go back.
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My main concern with this new Blade is noise. Razer has unfortunately followed Apple's insane pursuit of form over function. The early 2020 Blade with 2080 Max-Q was the first one I've ever used which didn't have that awful high-pitched whine. The reason is because they made the chassis slightly thicker to allow better cooling. I'm very worried the 3080 Max-Q will be a step backward in regards to fan noise. We'll see
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wished there's some love for amd
Same to me. I had ordered a RBA15 RTX2070 Full HD 3 weeks ago and was so positively surprised - it was my first Razer Laptop ever - that I decided to change it for the newer QHD RTX3080 model.
As I do use a lot of audio editing software the bigger screen is a plus, besides the more on RAM and HD space and worth the +800€.
At the moment I regret changing my 2020 model into the 2021 model.
First the bummer that internal Graphics is locked to 60Hz.
Second, that gaming performance in Overwatch is stuttery every 3-5 seconds, even I did severeal factory resets
It has both being so fluid before on the former machine, desktop work and gaming :frown_:.
Third thing is, that Synapse doesnt work properly with Overwatch any longer. At my 2020 model keys were automatically colored differently when the game started (WASD, Special Abilities etc.) but now the keyboard keeps statically illuminated.
I hope all these things can be fixed software sided soon as I really like those Razer Laptops (and dont want to step back to a 2020 model again).

Use CRU ( to manually add a custom refresh rate when in optimus mode. Works great! They software lock out other refresh rates for some odd reason.

Imgur Link:

I chose 120hz for battery life.

CRU Link: Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) (
Hey guys I have made a Reddit meta-thread with advice for the Advanced QHD, such as how to go above 60Hz among other things. Hopefully it will spread awareness of how to turn this laptop from a dud to legit the best portable gaming laptop on the market.
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Found my answer - maybe. According to the spec sheet, the Blade 15 Advanced QHD does have G-Sync.

However, that same spec sheet shows the 32GB model as having two 8GB DIMM's. So either Razer has found a way for 8 x 2 to equal 32 or their spec sheet is wrong. Who knows...
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Does anyone know if the UK version has the secondary function keys backlit for the new model? (2020 UK version wasn’t backlit) You were usually able to check on the website before but there’s no way of doing that anymore as far as I’m aware.
Says on the website the RTX 3080 is only running 8GB of GDDR6. other OEMs are sporting the 16GB version? anyone knows whether the listing on razer is correct?
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So Nvidia announced the mobile 3060 will support up to 12Gb and the 3080 up to 16Gb. Why do you only have 8Gb as an option even for the 3080’s? Also, will you continue to run 5 year old Intel 14nm processors that generate way too much heat or will you finally offer AMD. I was really looking forward to upgrading from my 2070 max-q system this year, but I feel like the balls being dropped. There’s potential out there, you just have to make it happen.
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First 300 hz and now 360 hz, what can you play with that frequency besides CSGO in 720p?
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First 300 hz and now 360 hz, what can you play with that frequency besides CSGO in 720p?

3080 on blade probably around 3070/2080ti performance so it’s possible to run 300fps plus on Minecraft, Devil my cry, valorant, Doom. Beside on Blade15 nvidia told blade 15 3080 on native FHD on these titles closing 300fps here the screenshot.

Hardware is faster changing, next year probably 400 hertz LoL, prepare it:big_grin_:
I do have a question about the QHD display; some specs list it as 95% SRGB, and others list it as 100% SRGB. Which one is it?

Nice catch, I’ll try to find.
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Hello friends,

I really like Razer Blade 15 laptops, an excellent compromise between screen size, price, size and lightness.
With the new Nvidia Geforce RTX serie 30 Mobile GPUs.
We have doubled ray tracing performance with DLSS and low power consumption compared to 20 series.

I throw Pink Magic Dust to create a Quartz version. ^ _ ^
Would be a shame if we are limited to 60 with optimus (igpu active).

Hope they can fix this, since I believe the igpu should be able to handle at least 120@1440. With 120 on igpu, battery should be not be that bad compared to 60, but the screen/mouse should be smooth while not gaming (browsing web etc).

Will do some testing myself when my blade 15 advanced (3070) arrives. If this can’t be fixed I may be returning, since 60 restriction on a 240 display/laptop (when not using dgpu) is a joke.

If I am get this correct, with dgpu you get 240, in the very moment you exit the game/app using dgpu and switching back to igpu the display sets it self to 60 and there is no way to change this (even not through windows display settings etc itself)? So if you want your display to refresh higher then 60 while browsing web for example you have to use dgpu only? But when you do dgpu only sometimes the display will not turn on?!

Not that advanced this optimus if this is true...
So, I have had my system for about a month along with getting the Tartarus Pro with it. I paid the 10 bucks for 3-5 business days, and almost cried when I saw it was being held by customs on day 2, & after signing up for shipping updates they said should arrive on day 5 or 6. Due to excitement, this was a very sad moment. However, It arrived on day 4 I got a notification and barely an hour and a half later the knock at my door came.
So, I had planned to make an open box video for it, but my daughter had my action camera, putting me in a position where I couldn't resist.
So, first, it was awesome from the first time I picked it up all the way to playing my first games. It reminds me of a stealth bomber just a slick clean design, but the solid metal framing made it feel like a tank. The extra weight may both some but it wasn't much of a difference from my Surface Pro 7 to me. The design and metal shell, combined with that little extra weight were almost like a mental connection to the power that was inside.

Gaming wise- I installed a decent variety of games, and from a range of sources: Starcraft 2 from Blizzard, Counter-Strike & Destiny 2 from Steam, Guild Wars 2 from ArenaNet, Mechwarrior 5 from Xbox game pass ultimate, and also my DJ DAW software and audio production software, and began the experience. Now I choose to Run Cortex whenever gaming so I can boost my system and get FPS reports. Every game I played even when also running Spotify or Apple music +Discord in the background gave me an average FPS low of 58 & high in the 90's usually with max graphics and textures I was still maintaining around 76 FPS in every game. So, solid home run in that front.
Now one thing I started noticing right away was how different in-game loading took place. In every game, I have played or program I have run, I am not prepared for how fast your back to gameplay. I mean I go to take a drink and I end up in a position where I only just got the cap off and was about to drink. It's amazing and has made me better and planning my timing better. For something that has made things inconvenient at times, it's definitely something I am impressed and happy to have.
After getting it I did search for the parts to max out the specs (2 TB SSD + 64 GB RAM) & was surprised by the options available and how even the higher quality options were really not bad for what your getting. Unlike some manufacturers that soldered in the Ram that came with the device and had the other open slot. Razer has made everything easy and accessible to upgrade without issues. The GPU can be upgraded later with the CORE eGPU and desktop external graphics card later as well, but by the time I need to do that I am guessing that Razer will have made a new CORE that is even more functional at improving system performance.
After dropping nearly $3k on the system and Tartarus Pro, with the Razer Care plan too, I can say with 100% confidence, I haven't even slightly felt buyers remorse or regretted getting it. It's without a doubt one of the best things I have bought, and now I am just looking forward to getting the Razer Kiyo and Seiren to start streaming and getting a new gaming desk and chair. If I could drop another $500 on the Razer Gaming chair I would without a doubt, but those funds will be used for new gaming content, getting another SSD, the Chroma Laptop Dock for my new blade, and streaming gear. So it will have to wait.
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i think other than the noise issue, would be the heat issue.
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i think other than the noise issue, would be the heat issue.

As most of the laptops.It depends on the use.Find a review with your favorite game or stress test if there is to check about it,looks like its gonna be fine though.
Do we really need 360Hz? I have a 240Hz monitor and probably wouldn't notice a difference at all.
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It's a Beasty! 💚
But rly win Home 😂😅
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Actually, I'm pretty interested in the 240 HZ QHD display on the Blade 15 Advanced. And two of the big requirements that I have on my Blade 17 Pro, dual M.2 2280 slots and an SD card reader have made their way to the Blade 15 Advanced now. This allows me to downsize from a Blade 17 Pro back to the Blade 15 Advanced, with better battery life, and still keep my 4 TB of storage. I still have some concerns about thermals (even my Blade 17 Pro (9750H) runs hot at times), but this is starting to look like the perfect machine for my use. I do have a question about the QHD display; some specs list it as 95% SRGB, and others list it as 100% SRGB. Which one is it?
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this thing just keeps getting better and always at the edge of gaming tech!
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I'm more jealous of that additional m.2 slot inside haha. My RTX 2080 is still serving well. Short on storage though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_: