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Blade 2020 Advanced RAM Stuck At 2667mhz , Any Fix ?

  • 3 September 2020
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Hi, Fellow Gamers And Tech Enthusiasts.

I was wondering if anybody could assist me with this problem that has occurred. I have just upgraded my RAM from the provided 16GB to 32GB Crucial BALISTIX running at 3200mhz.

The RAM is operating fine and the system is running normally however the speed is running at 2667mhz and not the intended 3200mhz.

My bios version is 1.01 and I've tried to see if I can change some of the settings but pretty much everything is locked.

I would appreciate any help possible 🙂

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13 Replies

Hi All,

Just an update. I went ahead with a Bios update from version 1.01 to 1.04 and have been able to activate the XMP Profile. The RAM does run at 3200mhz as intended which is great.
R3 Sabre. I get everything you said, have the identical setup, and have enabled XMP profile in bios, to no avail with that ram set. Did you actually get the ram running at 3200 or is it at 2666 while booted?
Hi kmyersip, Hope all is well.

Not too long after that post was made I started getting BSOD screens. At one point I got 5 in a CSGO match and had to abandon because it was that bad. The Crucial RAM has been returned and now I'm running the stock Samsung sticks that are onboard when receiving the Blade.

The RAM was running at 2667 however the XMP profile did work and was showing in task manager that both were running at 3200. Are you on the same bios version 1.04 and is it possible you could provide screenshots?
I am on the 1.04 bios and the bl2k16g32c16s4b kit (2x16). I couldn't even get it to post under the 3200mhz XMP profile. I'd have to do a cmos battery pull to get it to boot again. After disabling xmp profile it boots fine at 2666. I think the issue is the 1.35v it requires.
I think it is a voltage issue. I'm surprised yours didn't even get to post. Really odd and quite annoyed because those sticks have been recommended directly from Crucial to work with the blade.
Yeah. If Razer would have sold a 32gb kit I would have bought it. Eh. Missed sale.
Exactly, I think the Kingston HyperX might be the ram kit that works not too sure.
Confirmed and running in xmp mode currently. Gskill ripjaw 2x16 3200mhz 1.2v CL18 Hope that helps you.
Oh nice, Did you have to re-install windows or anything after the RAM upgrade, and did you have to change the voltage?

I'm glad you have managed to find a fix mate.
Did not have to reinstall windows or change voltages. I just enabled XMP settings and it worked this time.
Oh perfect, you could possibly provide the link from where you purchased this RAM?

Thanks in advanced 🙂
Had the same issue with the Ballistix on my Blade Pro. Had to pull the CMOS battery. Returned and got the Kingston HyperX and it ran at 3200 even without enabling XMP profile. Running perfectly