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Blade Advanced 2020 BIOS v1.08 - Why disable XMP?

Hey Razer, hopefully one the HWeng employees comes across this...

What's the reasoning behind removing XMP in the newest v1.08 BIOS update?

Undervolting was removed with BIOS v1.03 and not brought back in 1.04, 1.06 or 1.08. And now in 1.08 we're also losing the ability to fully utilize our XMP memory sticks we paid extra for that have been running perfectly stable?

I feel like there's a large disconnect between your consumers and hardware engineers. Is there any actual reasoning behind it? It surely can't be just those Crucial Ballistix DIMMs running at out-of-your-spec 1.35V.

I inspected the BIOS update and it's not just a feature toggle like it was with UV, someone actually went through and removed all overclocking-related EFI modules within the BIOS file (PeiOverClock, OverclockInterface, DxeOverClock, OverClockSmiHandler), along with crippling the OverClocking menus in BIOS Setup so that they can't be invoked anymore.

I understand there must've been some more updates to other EFI BIOS modules that would warrant a new BIOS, but why is the main "feature" of this release actually a physical removal of all OC references? Normally I'd just mod the BIOS and unlock UV, but in this case it'd require so much work to get XMP back I will probably just stay with modded 1.04 or 1.06 forever. I might do it for the fun of it anyway, but why go to such lengths?

Is XMP coming back in the next update? What about UV? Pretty please? Just unlock the thing for your power users already please...
Keep XTU interface locked for all I care but make the BIOS-level UV available for everyone. Re-enable XMP.


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