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Disappeared System since 3 months

  • 2 January 2020
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Hey guys! I just wanted to get some advice on my current situation from you and also share my experience here on an interesting story. Unfortunately, the post couldn't go up the way I typed it. I'm quite curious why this is and maybe you'll come to your own conclusions. I've decided to load up the full story in the attached picture. It would mean the world to me if you'd take the time and read it and possibly you have an idea of what I could do. I always received an error when I tried to post it normally.

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Hi there, feel sorry for your bad experience. You can call support EU and ask them the progress of your ticket, it’s i think the fastest and straightest way, they handled my RMA recently quite well. Especially if you’re living in Germany for not thinking about calling fees (I believe nowadays inland calls are mostly free).
Thanks for the suggestion @Joikansai

I just tried the hotline support and there was an actually quite decent staff member trying to help me but unfortunately it stayed on the same level as in live chat where he said I had to wait for another 24-48hours until they get a status update from their back office.

Which, don't get me wrong, would be fine if this was the first or second time. But I almost had to laugh when he said it given I was told this at least 5-6 times over the last couple weeks without any changes.

I mean in my eyes I don't care which of the razer department screws up but if they don't get a status update from their back office why don't THEY call in there personally so that they get it. Instead I have to bug every 4 days and they always say 'oh well we can't do anything we need to wait for the reply'.
Just a short update that another 2 weeks have passed in the exact same manner. I'm visiting live chat / service hotline etc. each 2-3 days (i.e. 4 times since my last post) and continuously get postponed. Today I got a funny update from someone saying he sees that my laptop has just arrived in the repair centre a few days ago 😃 lol
Nice way to feel good about the cases (it really did arrive October, 15th and that was confirmed multiple times).

Has someone experience with having a lawyer to force the resolution of an unserviced warranty claim?

I can understand that they don't have a suitable refurbished replacement in stock for me. I CAN'T understand that they don't get a new fan as material in stock since 13 weeks. I CAN't understand why in cases like this they just don't accept the consequences and either refund me or hand out a NEW replacement. Because in the german store the same options they offered me as refurbished are available to buy.

A friend of mine told me to buy one of these products and send it back - then e-mail them and say I have a feeling they might have a suitable refurbished replacement now ;)

The longer it takes the more I do like this idea 😃