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Does anyone have a picture of the magnet strip inside the Core V2

  • 19 February 2019
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I ordered the Core about a month ago but I found the GPU I had was incompatible. Although when I plugged in the core it would light up for a bit and it registered as plugged in through thunderbolt and charged my Razer Blade Stealth 16.

So everything but the incompatible GPU seemed to be working. I sent the GPU back and ordered the PNY GEForce GTX 1060. Which took about a week to arrive. In the meantime, I never even touched the core. It remained unplugged the whole time. So I pop in a proper GPU and nothing happens. The core doesn't charge the laptop, not a single light comes on inside the core and nothing registers through thunderbolt. I unplugged and turned everything on and off multiple times. I removed the GPU and the core still doesn't do a single thing aside from a small pop of electricity when I plug in the power cord.

I've seen a few forums mention a magnet that needs to be budged a bit in order to make a connection but I can't find a picture to really know what exactly is being talked about. It's the only thing I really haven't been able to try. Aside from all the on-off and unplugging attempts. Yes, I did also try the manual switch inside the core. HELP I don't want to have to send it back for repairs and all that because I know it worked and nothing happened to it between when it turned on last week and now

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Can you found it anywhere from here? Not quite sure which component or part do you mean.