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Guide how toimprove performance of Samsung PM9A1 nvme

  • 19 March 2023
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This is guide how to update the firmware of “Samsung PM9A1” nvme. 

Be awere !!! You do this on your own risk

If something go wrong during the update:

-you can demage the nvme drive and lose warranty

=you can lose all of data on the drive (wipe it). Any change of the partitions on razer laptop will avoid the warranty.

What will update firmware do:

It will speed up your nvme drive. On my testing firmware 76xx from february 2022 that is pre-installed on most PM9A1 give me 61xx read and 41xx write after update to new firmware 7801Q from march 2023.the speeds go up 6523 read and 4967 write sothere is big diffrence. Alsoapps and windows is more responsive and snappy.

How to perform a update:

  1. download the zip qwith firmware:
  2. ubzip it and change folder name to “update”
  3. Copy “update” folder to C:\ drive
  4. Open windows terminal. On windows serch type terminal click mouse right on icon and select “run as administrator”
  5. type “C:\update” and press enter
  6. type “.\LIST” you will see the drives that are installed on your system. On drive will be number 0,1,2 soo on remember it.
  7. Go to “C:\update” folder and open it.
  8. Click “...” On windows folder window and select settings. Scroll down and uncheck “show file extension” and save changes.
  9. if you have Samsung PM9A1 with 1TB storage change name of “flash-256G-512G-1T” replace the extension from cmd to txt and click ok then ok. If you have Samsung PM9A1 with 2TB storage edit “flash-2TB”
  10. Open file with the same storage you have your drive installed and replace “*” with the number of your drive fromprevious command “.\LIST”. Save changes and exit.
  11. Replace the extension from txt to cmd 
  12. Go back to windows terminal and type “.\(name of file you edit” for exaple if you have 1TB you type “.\flash-256G-512G-1T. Press enter. You will be ask to enter yes or no of course type yes.
  13. Update process will take 1 to 4 seconds and on the end will show if process is completed and if there was any issues.
  14. Reboot your laptop

I hope this will help people. Process is very simple but like anything always something can happend.

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