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Keyboards on the Razer Blade 14, 15 and 17.

  • 2 April 2022
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Hi, I had a question about the Keyboard on the Razer Blade lineup. Before I state my question, I wanted to give some insight.

So from what I understand from following Razer on what they have done, in the past when they came out with the Razer Blade Pro, that had an Ultra Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard on it. My question is do the Razer Blade 14, 15 and 17 have mechanical keyboards like that, or are they just laptop standard membrane keyboards?

The reason why I bring that up is because by now everybody should know that having a Mechanical Keyboard (or Optical if you want to talk Razer Huntsman, which is also the keyboard I am currently using on my desktop) is pretty much the standard for gaming. Also, I've noticed some of Razers rivals such as Alienware and ASUS ROG coming up with their own solutions to ultra low profile keyboards, such as Alienware teaming up with Cherry MX to make their first mechanical keyboard for laptops (and by they, I mean this is Cherry MX's first shot at it), and also ASUS ROG making a low latency optical keyboard for laptop, similar to the Razer Red and Purple switches and also the Corsair OPX switches as well (I also am aware that they have done other types of Mechanical keyboards on their laptops, but I am just listing what is currently featured on the ROG Strix Scar). I'm not sure if MSI has done a mechanical keyboard, but I wouldn't be surprised if they have (correct me if I am wrong). Since Razer has had this option in the past, I figured they would also have this option on all of their current laptops, but I don't see anywhere that says that they have a mechanical keyboard, so my assumption is that they are just membrane keyboards.

Back to my original question, do they currently have this featured on their laptops? If not, then my other question is why not make it so that all of Razers Laptops have Mechanical Keyboards, especially since their competitors are all doing it and Razer also had one back in 2016?

Thank you!

Should Razer do an Ultra Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard on their current Lineup of Laptops?

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