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Razer 15 advanced late 2019 model rattling noise

  • 30 March 2023
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So I currently have a razer blade 15 240hz and 2070 max-q. And i have this issue on my laptop that i still have for a really long time now. Its the rattling noise of the vapor chamber gpu side or the left side. It started when i replaced the factory thermal paste to a new one because i have been using it for 1 and half years now. But after i placed everything back the rattling noise started it only makes the noise during gaming or when the gpu is working. I have tried many different ways like replacing the fans and replacing the paste again but the sound is still there. I hope that there is a solution to this problem on what I can do to fix it. And because I’m living in the Philippines, where there is no razer store.
It only sounds when used in gaming.
Can someone please help me!

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