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Razer audio is "Too Good"

  • 28 March 2020
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Hear me out. I have a desktop with an Asus B450-F motherboard using SupremeFX sound chip. That thing can absolutely amp up headphones and comes with Sonic Studio 3 to really fine tune sound

I Just got my Razer Blade 15 Base 2019 two days ago and have been listening to music on it with the same headphones as my desktop: Sony XB500 - What is inside this Razer laptop to make audio sound THIS GOOD? I'm honestly beyond impressed. Not only can it get extremely loud if wanted, but the clarity is 100%. No audio noise at all, and I don't understand how or why it sounds better on this laptop compared to a large desktop.

Not only do my headphones sound amazing with this laptop, but the speakers on it are just as impressive. Very loud for laptop speakers and so goddamn clear. I was playing World of Warcraft with them and immediately noticed each different game sound without being tinny-crisp or muddy together. They're just so clear compared to my desktops speakers (some old logitech set)

No idea what powers the audio in Razer laptops but this is beyond my expectations. Makes me wish I knew sound engineering so I could actually use this laptop for something productive. Feels too luxurious for gaming alone

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4 Replies

Nun ich denke, Razer hat von der Audiobuchse/Lautsprecher sehr kurze Wege zum Audio Chip genommen. Daher auch wenig Unterbrechungen. Aber schön zu hören, das du die Qualität zu schätzen weißt.

Well I think Razer has taken very short routes from the audio jack/speaker to the audio chip. Hence, few interruptions. But nice to hear you appreciate the quality.
Its not "too good" but i do agree that the laptop has very decent audio. Its not the DAC that they seem to be using though its the onboard Amp I've found that the Blade 15 has been able to output some decent power driving a lot of my headphones very easily, but the quality of audio isn't that great, lacking in detail is something i've found. Its likely a generic realtek chip like any laptop, but i am pleasantly surprised that it can push this much power out of it. Most laptops i've had to crank the volume to 20/100 to get the volume to listenable volumes on IEM's but on the Blade I've been very comfortable listening at like 2/100 which is saying a lot for the power it can drive. If the next version improves the onboard DAC to say like an Asahi Kasei DAC or even ESS one for better quality audio then that would be great. Razer does own THX now afterall and THX does make some very high end AAA amps. Would be great the two departments got together to do something.
What Lewdish.exe said.
Coming from a Thinkpad, and I have to say the speakers are a vast improvement to what I'm used too.