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Razer Core V2 Chassis Fan Replacement

  • 26 February 2021
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I would like to replace the very noisy chassis fans on the Core V2 (the V2, not the X - most of the info on the forums/web is about the Core X. I's almost impossible to find V2-specific results) with quieter alternatives. Not the PSU fans - the chassis fans.

There are three thin fans on the bottom of the V2. I disconnected them all and it is now almost silent (it's definitely NOT the PSU fans that cause the most noise), but, of course, it's not ideal to disconnect them entirely. They basically stay on 99% of the time at full or at least high speed and the noise is very loud.

I guess I have two options - throttle them with a resistor (if that's even possible?) or other means or replace the fans with quieter models.

Does anyone have any suggestions or guides?


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I suspect some fan resistors would be a good option (the fans look hard to get to), but I don't know a) whether this would work and b) which ones to get.

If there are any thoughts on this they would be very welcome.
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Yes it’s sometimes annoying and there’s no software to control the core fans only hardware tweak can shut it off, like unplug the connector. However depends the gpu I think it doesn’t really need since gpu itself has cooling fans, try check the temperature with and without it. And if there’s no big difference and gpu stay cool I wouldn’t mind using it without the core fans.
I use Core v2 since 2017 with Zotac mini 1080ti and it was very loud I’m assuming there’s also sensor that make the fans kick in somehow. Now with previous xc2080 and current twin edge 3070 which has semi passive cooling it’s less louder. And I use the enclosure only when gaming so the game sounds mostly covers it and unplug it after using or when taking stealth the host laptop somewhere else. I’d like to do some hardware tweak when it’s needed for now I don’t want to mess it up and bring some issue since it’s already quite old enclosure.
I think a resistive adapter might do it. Love to hear any experiences or recommendations.