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Razer Core V2 Compatibility Question

  • 8 January 2019
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First and foremost, this is my first post on here; I'm also not an expert when it comes to computer/laptop products and system so any detailed help would be very much appreciated.

I own a RB Pro (2017) - FHD GTX 1060. I'm interested in owning a core v2 to spice up my gaming experience. I'm not really interested in building a desktop. My question is, is there a significant difference between just utilizing my RB pro and bumping it up to 1080Ti? Also, I'm not really knowledgeable about GPU so is there a difference if I simply buy the GPU straight from NVIDIA or are those MSI/ASUS ROG STRIX GPU work for the core v2 as well? If not, can u name a few that I can look into? I do appreciate me some RGB GPU as well haha. Another question...given that I can afford a NVIDIA RTX 2080Ti, would it also work on the core v2? I know it's not a part of the compatibility list that Razer has on its website but just by looking around google, it seemed like it works for other people. Any thoughts on that?

Thank you!

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Welcome to Insider:smile_:
It depends on your aimed FPS and resolution, if you intend to play on 1080p on high FPS which I assume from your Blade screen and specs, using 1080ti is a waste, especially on internal laptop monitor, due data looping from enclosure to internal screen (best egpu performance is by using external monitor).
For1440p or 4K you may gain performance improvement, other advantages is better cpu thermal since your 1060 will be off and there’s less stress for CPU and less heat inside the laptop.
There’s no difference on gpu brand as long as it fits your core, but I think nvidia doesn’t sell higheend pascal cards anymore especially 1080ti, so for similar performance your option is 2080. It’s officially unsupported but it just works even with 2080ti (asus turbo), it just works;)
As you see it’s really low score for 2080ti especially on Firestrike since it’s 1080p dx11. And it shows how limited TB3 bandwidth with full PCIe3x4 lanes (some laptops with half bandwidth (TB3 2 lanes or TB2) is even worse.
You can check my signature, there’s dozens benchmarks from previous setting and try. Check at Blade 14 2017, since it’s same gpu cpu with your Blade Pro, the result should be same as well.
Thanks for the reply! 🙂 So you're basically saying to go for 2080ti instead of 1080ti right? Also I do use an external monitor. I have an ACER 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 so with egpu I'll see a significant increase in performance? For just the regular 2080 is it safe to get the NVIDIA sells on their website?

What are others or some of the go to/common 2080ti that you recommend that fits fo core v2 besides the one you mentioned from your post?
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You got the money, go for Evga 2080ti xc gaming or black model (not ultra one it won’t fit). Evga has good cooling and fans behavior (fans stop at low temperature), with founder edition from nvidia the fans will keep running and its metal cassis isn’t great inside the core imo to output the heat.