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Razer mobile grill issue

  • 7 January 2019
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Hi everyone just picked up a razer phone 2nd hand for Christmas. It's a good mobile but as with many other people the front grill is weak and has a small split in it.

I asked how much would a replacement cost to send out... Razer won't send out any replacement parts, holding you to ransom to send it to their German repair centre for the cost of €148 for a single new grill to be stuck on and the old one peeled off.

This is not good value for money at all. Just saying we won't send out parts is ridiculous and unfair on consumers.

Why can't a the small grill be sent to make the phone look good again, its not a warranty issue as they won't cover it under warranty. Why can't customers be assisted with these minor issues.

€148 for a peel off, stick on is just ridiculous and there seems no good will between Razer and the customer as I'm not alone with this issue.

Has anyone got a quick fix or an idea on a alternative speaker grill as their charge is day light robbery.


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Hi again I do feel I'm banging my head against a brick wall,

I'm not sure if there's something being lost in the words, but I have said to support several times its not in warranty and I just want to buy the parts to make the phone good again...

Razer support stated the following....
Another thing, E-bay is actually an unauthorized re-seller, so there will not guarantee that our higher level of support will give us an exemption.

I had many times repeatedly stated that the phone was bought as a gift and it came from ebay 2nd hand, but all they seem concerned about is the original purchase date and from where etc.

It's crazy that you can't get a simple part without it costing over £100 just to replace a speaker grill.

People ask about the phone and what can I say. Don't buy them cause the speakers crack as mine has etc. and you can't get parts either.

Many have cracks and they are expensive devises but very good none the less but support makes or breaks them - Nokia anyone...

It is mad, and so simple to fix but all I keep getting is where was it originally bought and not being under warranty...

Are others having similar issues with support and has anyone come up with a fix for the splitting speaker grills...