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RAZER SKINS | Peel. Press. Play.™

  • 23 November 2021
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Personalize your laptop with Razer Skins – our latest line of durable laptop skins that are crafted with customized 3M™️ cast vinyl for an ultra-precise fit. Select from our array of striking custom designs that brings forth your personal style: rzr.to/skins

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61 Replies

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Looks super cool!
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Badge +1
Cool. Are all razer skins have cut for logo?
If not, maybe I'd consider it for non razer laptop 🙂
BEUATIFULL SKINS! woah, that price.. tho
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Nice Skins!
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I hope it act more than a skin
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Would that be like Rog phone 5s pixel graphic?
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Nice skin, awful price
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Still don't have a RAZER laptop, will it work on my Acer? haha
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Damn! That's nice!
How about a Sneki Sneki skin ? :rolleyes:

This looks good as well!
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DOPE skin !
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Amazing! 💚
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This is a great innovation, but i think people would like it more if it will be available for other laptop brands not only Razer.
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Hello friends.

I really like Razer Skins.
It's perfect for customizing your Razer Blade at just $59.99.

It is difficult to have Razer Blade Quartz but now thanks to Razer Skin - Razer Blade Geometric Quartz - Full our dream becomes reality. 🐍😍

We can make a beautiful Razer Blade Geometrice Quartz with whatever model we want.
Powerful Razer Blade 17 OLED 3080 up to Razer Book productivity.

Thanks Razer and 3M for always more personalization. 💖

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Some nice looking skins already, and if it succeeds as a product ... Customization options are endless. GJ
"How durable are Razer Skins?
Razer Skins are designed to withstand temperatures between -60º to +107ºC."

The skin has a greater TJMax than the CPU inside. That's some durable glue y'all used.
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the designs look B E A utiful Razer! Really give out that custom note
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Looks really cool, but my experience with 3M is that their tape is practically permanent. I suppose that's good for some but for others who want to change out the skins it might be an issue.
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Made with the same premium wrap used on luxury vehicles, our skins can withstand extreme temperatures of between -60°C to +107°C, ensuring maximum durability as you game and travel with your laptop.
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i think the price is the problem...
I've never seen such an amazing design on a laptop
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this skins loooks so goood!
I hope they can have an option on customizing the skin with your own design (colors, pictures, patterns, etc.).
Nice looking skins
Will these be available in Canada at some point. Would love one for my new Blade Stealth!