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SDK Services Missing

  • 29 March 2023
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Hi, i'm trying to use Chroma Connect with my keyboard (Blackwidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed) but i noticed there is no SDK services at all, i have no idea if i can reinstall it or whatever.

I read that reinstalling synapse would install SDK too, but for some reason it doesn't for me, i tried it several times, and i also tried removing every razer file/register entry/whatever from my computer and doing a clean reinstallation, but it's still the same.



The thing is, the files seem to be there (i guess those are the ones needed idk), but the services ain't showing anywhere.
Of course if i try to run any of those .exes nothing happens.


r/razer - SDK Services Missing

Any idea what could be the problem? Cause i can't find a way to fix it, and i also can't find a way to download the Chroma SDK as a standalone or something.


I’ve been told by Razer Support to download the SDK Core Components from “” but i can’t find anything there, only Synapse, i tried downloading everything there and checking every GitHub link but there’s nothing called SDK Core Components there. I know the page says “In the event whereby you need the SDK Installer, you can download the latest version below” but either i’m dumb or it’s not there...


Hope someone can help me, thanks.




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