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[SOLVED?] Razer Blade 15 Bluetooth gone?

  • 11 June 2020
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Just this past week, my wife's Razer Blade 15" Base (mid-2019) laptop lost its Bluetooth controller. As described in this older thread:


it wasn't simply that the Bluetooth drivers wouldn't load, but Windows 10 did not believe that the laptop had any Bluetooth hardware installed at all.

Given the three inconvenient options:

  • Reinstall Windows 10
  • Contact Razer Support to request a hardware replacement
  • Spend $20 on a Bluetooth 5.0 USB dongle

we chose the least-worst option: 3. Now here's where things get interesting.

Last night, I plugged in a Techkey (generic) USB Mini Bluetooth 5.0 EDR Dongle without loading the recommended Realtek Bluetooth device drivers ('cuz who reads instructions anyway?). Windows recognized the new Bluetooth Dongle and loaded the existing Intel drivers. Bluetooth was now recognized by Windows, but the Windows Device Manager showed a yellow triangle with exclamation point stating that the drivers did not load correctly. I figured it was because I didn't follow the instructions.

I unplugged the Techkey USB dongle and Windows continued to show Bluetooth settings. I then powered back up my wife's Bluetooth mouse and what-do-you-know, Bluetooth services were now restored using the Blade's built-in Bluetooth radio!

I can't confirm this will work for everyone — or even anyone else — but I wanted to share this specious success story with the rest of the Razer community, just in case it helps someone else.

– Dave

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