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New Synapse - support for Philips Hue

  • 28 January 2024
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Will the New Razer Synapse support Philips Hue?

5 Replies

I too would love to know when Hue will be supported. Not having that as one of the main modules right off the hop is a legitimate deal breaker for me. Otherwise the app looks cool and all my other devices are seemingly working fine.

Would also be nice to just be able to directly and easily port over my previous studio profiles from S3. Switching back, but looking forward to future releases.

Is there any update on this? I’m stuck in a dark room now ;-)

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I just tried the New Synapse. The interface looks really nice and feels smoother than Synase 3. But I got myself back to Synapse 3.

Because it’s too much third party device not working for now. I can not find my philips hue, nanoleaf and msi mystic light working with the New Synapse. The only third party device working for me is my Zeeray lightstrip :(

But I still like the New Synapse though. Looking forward Razer make all the device work and make an official release one day!

And no roadmap available, that’s a putty. 

This is quite literally the only thing keeping me from switching. All my other devices, including my Chroma Control plug-in for asus and corsair, were working, but if it can’t handle my hue strips it’s a deal breaker. Any word from Razer on updates for it would be awesome, but then they’ve not had a great track record of sharing their plans with the community when it comes to the finer details at least :.(