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Barracuda X no audio when mic attached

  • 26 December 2021
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ive been googling for a while and can't find this issue. my new barracuda x works headphones only. if i plug the mic in, total silence.

the mic also doesnt work at all. it is visible to the computer, set it as my input, and it even registers a bit when i plug it in but not when i make noise into it.

EDIT: so it was in the wrong hole. shrugs. i was trying both the whole time so I did my best.

I'm still putting the answer here because I'm surprised it's not a more common problem, what with the instructions simply saying "plug it in." well here's more instructions for those who need it: it goes in the uppermost hole and it only goes in one way so you may need to rotate it.

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1 Reply

Hello same problem, did anyone find solution ? I have the same problem, when i dont have mic unplug sound works, when i have mic plug, doesnt work...
I'm on PC and trying to connect it with on USB C