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Kraken Tournament R6 Siege

  • 15 January 2019
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Hi all !
I was playing R6 Siege since the release ! I was playing with a very cheap headset about 30e and the sound was not very good of course but in the game i could hear every single sound and i can understand 100% the direction of the sound ! I bought Kraken Tournamet i tried sourround i tried stereo i tried HI-Fi,TV and Night mode in game settings but i cant understand the direction of sound (footsteps,windows break,doors etc..!
Am i the only one ?

Thank you !

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5 Replies

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What synapse you use and you try to remove all profiles from synapse and create default one with factory settings ?
I tried synapse 2 and 3 ! i reinstall everything with factory settings but nothing happend ! i canged to stereo and its a little better but still not right direction of sound in game !
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Open your game set on dongle THX and hit windows key on keybord slide game into tray open synapse and set THX on synapse. If this dont help the only way to make sure the headset work great is traying on difrent pc to be sure there is no hardwere issue.
Thanx for the reply again! i did all this things ! i tried everything ! its better now after i canged some settings but not as good as my previous headset ! i ll try on a diffrent pc ! Thank you !!!
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When you cheack give me know is the sound is better or the same 🙂