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Razer Nari Ultimate - Why is this happening?

  • 2 February 2019
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This headset has been a pain since I got it. I've only recently perfected setting it up, and now whenever I take the mic out of the cup, it doesn't transfer voice. However, when in the cup, it can hear me loud and clear.
Why is this? Some help would be greatly appreciated.

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4 Replies

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Try to remove all profiles and create new default with factory settings and cheack if this dont help you can also reinstall synapse just delete all razer softwere then go to appdata and programfiles folder and delete all files that stay after uninstall reboot pc and download new synapse installer from razer website. You can try to connect headset to difrent pc and cheack if the issue is also there. If everything from this replay dont help it mens this might be a cord issue when you pull mic it give cut/short to mic itself and prevent it to give power and transfer data in this case the best way will be send to warranty.
Welp, looks like im on my way to send it to warranty!
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Welp, looks like im on my way to send it to warranty!

If nothing above help you this will be the best way. This can be a issue with cord or connector on mic/pcb it hard to say 🙂
damn man that really sucks! by the looks of it BlackFireDragon has really shown most ways to try fix it and or just get it simply into warranty as fast as you can, i hate the waiting game but you payed top price for something thats meant to be top price.. so youll get the warranty no doubt cause it just seems like a dud product. ( ive had one to many dud products from razer but they are learning lmao ) also if you have teseted it out fully how is the whole new hypersense thing they have promoted on this headset ive got the man o war wireless and love them ALOT but if this hypersense isnt as stupid ( as i think it is ) i might have to get one