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Synapse THX causes crackling in Kraken TE headphones

  • 4 December 2019
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Like in the title, When I'm using my newly bought headphones with synapse working it causes horrible audio crackling and stutter. I updated every driver and programme with the help of tech support, I've also cleared out my computer of any razer files and reinstalled synapse, didn't work either. This issue persists since 2017 (!!!!) and affects so many people, that on every site you have on average at least 1 or 2 reviews warning you about this. I'm slowly starting to realise Imma just have to return them, but until then, any ideas how to fix this? Maybe some of you had this issue before? Please, I really want to keep these headphones.

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2 Replies

I had this issue with Nari but one of the Synapse 3 updates solved it.
Before the update I had to manually delete all THX entries from registry to resolve it.
same problem , try a lot of things but no solution…. why i buy this ???