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KEY LIGHT CHROMA | The Key To Pro Lighting

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Set the scene for a stream that truly shines with the new Razer Key Light Chroma. Powered by Razer Chroma RGB, find your signature color through our spectrum of 16.8 million colors and take your audience engagement to the next level with lighting that reacts to your stream.

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Another accessory for gaming night light~~~

Check it out in the Asia-pacific region by clicking the following link
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Oh yeah!
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Badge +1
I'd like to see some nanoleaf alternative 🙂
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Lighting is the key
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Good for streaming
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Pro Lighting
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It looks cool
That is a big pixel.
RGB RGB ~ but where's the toaster :frown_:
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Colors: White 3000K - 7000K adjustable, RGB

Brightness: 2800 Lumens, Adjustable from 0-100%

Buttons: On / Off Switch; Reset Button

Mount: Table Clamp

Clamp Range: 2.5 mm to 75 mm

Weight: 360 mm x 260 mm (Light only), Min 553 mm / Max 1350 mm (Pole + Adapter + Table Clamp)

Dimensions: ~1600 g (Light only), ~760 g (Pole + Adapter + Table Clamp)

Material: Aluminum
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Hello friends,

Razer makes all streamers happy.
LED panels are truly the best investment for quality lighting.
Because it doesn't create halo in eyes like LED ring light.
If you want professional lighting, buy three for three point lighting (keylight, backlight and filllight).

Thanks Razer for this new stuff. 🙂
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How many Razer Key Light Chromas can I sync to each other?
You can sync up to 11 devices via Razer Synapse and the Razer Streaming App.

Can I sync my Razer Key Light Chroma to my Razer Chroma™️ RGB ecosystem?
Yes, you can sync your device to your Chroma ecosystem via Razer Synapse.

How do I control my Razer Key Light?
You can control your light via Razer Synapse and Razer Streaming App (Mobile). You need to connect your light to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network before you’re able to customize its lighting.
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Wait so connecting all our Razer pheriphals?? Nice everything pulses together
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The pricetag is ridiculous, sorry
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must be a streamer's lucky day!
Hi guys i am new can i got some likes pls
it looks good but it's too expensive
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Wow the light looks AMAZING !
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cool but as a non-streamer, I'd rather have a Nanoleaf alternative than a keylight
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i need this for my webcam 😃
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They seem to be really powerful!
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So bright
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Nice Lights.
Good for streamer, but I am not
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Razer launching so many misc items recently.. 😃