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Razer Kishi V2 Virtual Controller Suggestion

  • 8 February 2023
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The just released Virtual Controller feature is very useful. However I've found the use case in which you could improve your Virtual Controller.

This use case is Genshin Impact game on Android. It is called by many a second Zelda BOTW. Of course it is not the same game but also is quite engaging. However I found two issues in current release of the Virtual Controller. First one is a small pause, when turning around with right thumb stick in only one direction (this is after setting Camera Pan Mode on). Actually this pause is not needed. It destroys the experience of smoothness. Please at least introduce a checkbox for that pause if it is needed for some reasons.

Second issue is missing option to reverse Y axis in right thumb stick. Somehow the Genshin Impact game itself also is missing that feature. This is because when you control a screen with touch (at this games assumes that is only controlled by touch), the natural direction for Y axis is intuitive, but it stops when you control it in Third Person Perspective with a stick.

This would also save headache in many other titles, where this option is not so obvious to be set via game (like Call of Duty Mobile).

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