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Razer Kitty Kraken headband is peeling

So the headband of my razer kitty kraken is peeling it looks so bad, is there a way to replace them? Also the quality of this headsets it's so bad that even the painting on metal parts is peeling too. I only have one year with this headsets and they are a replacement :c

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Mine after two years are unwatchable.     Pink leather is destroyed.

really sad….

I have barely ever worn my original pink Kitty Kraken headset--it’s mainly been ornamental and occasionally used for phone calls over a span of two years or so.  In short, this item has been treated VERY gently.  The material must be horrid quality to peel so easily.

RIP, I guess.  Will at least be able to apply the cat ears to a different product.

Same here, brought for partner for Christmas 2023,been used for a couple of hours on Sunday evenings, by end of February had peeled


Have You found a replacement for this mine is the same

This is exactly what’s happening with mine, and I’ve only had them 3 months with EXTREMELY light use. I can’t find a way to actually contact Razer and I’m getting to the point where I’m pretty angry.

The loop they keep you in where you click a link that says it will have an email address or a chat and then it takes you back to the same page with no email or chat is infuriating. I understand why this is done and I will likely never buy anything from Razer again if this is how things work. 

I don't know where you went wrong there, I had a chat with them and problem was resolved,took a little while but all sorted, I did see some replacement parts online. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Replacement-Headband-Cushions-Compatible-Headphones/dp/B0BB76QGLL and also https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005005310724289.html?spm=a2g0n.productlist.0.0.48265b8467NN7C&browser_id=1af6ff84f17e42a181a606e0efec6197&aff_trace_key=329b087f47a04dd291c9127aa0180b74-1709366375858-06520-UneMJZVf&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=vqfngpdkcasbdyjm18f9c091a5925269c84623b612&pdp_npi=4%40dis%21GBP%213.20%211.66%21%21%213.95%212.05%21%40211b613917163097933596859e6749%2112000032629214147%21sea%21GB%210%21AB&algo_pvid=f1959357-d587-47c9-977b-fca139375d54

None of them are official though

The part say kraken x. Will they fit kraken kitty bt 

The parts say kraken x. Will they fit the kraken kitty bt 



Think they might be same size? Sorry posted wrong link I had previously

Razer should have replacement parts for the kitty bt v1. Now mine looks like shit. 

It would make sense