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Razer Kitty Kraken headband is peeling

  • 8 April 2023
  • 3 replies

So the headband of my razer kitty kraken is peeling it looks so bad, is there a way to replace them? Also the quality of this headsets it's so bad that even the painting on metal parts is peeling too. I only have one year with this headsets and they are a replacement :c

3 Replies

Mine after two years are unwatchable.     Pink leather is destroyed.

really sad….

I have barely ever worn my original pink Kitty Kraken headset--it’s mainly been ornamental and occasionally used for phone calls over a span of two years or so.  In short, this item has been treated VERY gently.  The material must be horrid quality to peel so easily.

RIP, I guess.  Will at least be able to apply the cat ears to a different product.

Same here, brought for partner for Christmas 2023,been used for a couple of hours on Sunday evenings, by end of February had peeled