My wife purchased me a Razer Wolverine Ultimate last year for XMAS. I had hell with customer service during COVID trying to get this resolved. Since now its past my warranty they say there is nothing they can do now. But yeah different can of worms.

MY LT trigger is cracked. I took it out of my case and mind you there isn't so much as a scratch on my controller. I barely play with the thing. I use it for when I play Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen and even for NMS. I don't want to have to invest in a HOTAS. Is there a place where I can get the triggers or parts to match because this is ridiculous.

I have about 40 hours on this controller and haven't so much ad dropped it. Looks bran new. I asked my wife and people that have been over and they denied messing with it. I dunno man its pretty much been in its case. But I need to replace this trigger and need a matching part.

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dude I have the same problem,
did you get the trigger?
The on-controller headset adjustments are a nice touch, and the Wolverine features more additional buttons than the other gamepads, but neither aspect is worth the loss of wireless connectivity, especially when the direction pad doesn't feel nearly as good.