Wolverine V2 "Pro" deadzone issue still not resolved? | Razer Insider

Wolverine V2 "Pro" deadzone issue still not resolved?

  • 14 April 2023
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I want to make it clear that this issue needs to be addressed. With the firmware update, they just went from a gigantic deadzone to a smaller one, but this is not acceptable.

Most games already have a non-adjustable native deadzone; so with this controller, you will have a double stacked deadzone, ruining the gameplay experience.

We need to be able to adjust it dynamically. I don't need a 5% deadzone or a 1% deadzone; I want to be able to set it to 0%. If the game already has a 20% built-in deadzone, I'm not going to get stick drift with 0%.

For a 280€ "Pro" controller, this feature is more than expected. I'm just saying that any FPS Pro would prefer a lower deadzone over a mechanical D-Pad or whatever (nothing against the D-Pad, I liked it, but I can't buy the controller again until this is resolved).

3 Replies

I'm returning this junk with this dead zone trash I play zero dead zone.

I suspect the pending Wolverine V3 Pro or a symmetrical “Wolverine v2 pro legacy” will be implementing the Hall effect magnetic sticks like other popular new controllers have been moving towards.

it’s a shame since that Wolverine V2 Pro is an absolutely gorgeous controller, with an incredibly dope, clicky, 8-way microswitch, floating D-Pad, and clicky face buttons, but those are not in as many hands as they should be, due to many not wanting the Xbox layout, and many passing on it due to lack of vibration/haptics.

Brother its ridiculous. For the price tag i wouldn't be expecting it to hindering my Gameplay…..