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[LOOT] Star Trek Online: Ascension

  • 20 September 2022
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Hey all the keys should be available again!
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Posted yesterday and already expired? Seems unusual - STO codes generally last for months !
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Free stuff!
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thx but too late
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All the best to all those got to apply
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Badge +1
No a big fan of start trek

The same :p
I'm a star wars person more, than star trek 😃
slay ong ong son ua osihss
Things have escalated in the Mirror Universe, as the Terran Empire has merged with The Other, an entity of tremendous power, driven by rage and a thirst for revenge on its creators. Up until this point, the mastermind behind the Terran Empire's brutal assault on the galaxy has remained a secret. However, on Star Trek Day, both players and millions of Star Trek fans from around the world will finally learn the truth. The Terran Emperor is none other than the Mirror version of Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation (voiced by Wil Wheaton, who originated the role over 35 years ago). In order to stop the emperor from annihilating both universes, the Federation will need to sever his connection to the Other.

Redeem your Razer Giveaway Pack here.[/quote]
Thank you :smile_:
Says reward ended - am i doing something wrong?
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Free pack!
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Another new game
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No a big fan of start trek
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Yeah, maybe. But only if there will be some free time for a new game :rolleyes:
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Well, I won't say no for free stuff xD

Also was looking for some new game to try, and Star Trek Online is something I've never touched before, so maybe it's time to try it.
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this is cool!
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Woah, that's great! Thanks Razer for this awesome pack!
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Thank you, thank you very much Razer
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Hello friends,

Thanks Razer for this Razer Giveaway Pack. 🎁
Star Trek Online is a good game.

I've collected so many Tribbles. So sweet and kind. 💖
Be careful if you have food in your bag with one Tribble, Tribble will all eat and multiply. 😂
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Awesome, thanks!