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access denied

I get this access denied to server message quite a bit when trying to access this website. Why? Is there a fix for this?

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It does it if you open a bunch of Razer Insider tabs too quickly. I think around 5 and then if you try to open more it locks you out for a few minutes.
Wow...that's stupid. I only had 2 tabs open in chrome, 1 was a another forum and the 2nd was this forum. So, if I want to use this site I can only have 1 tab open.

At least I know. Thank you.

On another subject....when does the new member status change?
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I'm pretty sure it's based on post amount rather that time, it might be 50 posts but I don't remember. It's buried somewhere in the forums but probably hard to find.:smile_:
Thanks for the clarification.