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Can't change the RGB lighting of my Razer Raptor 27

As the title says, I can't change the RGB lighting of my Razer Raptor in Synapse 3, does anyone know why and how I can fix it?




The light is fully functional however I just can’t change the rgb light in the settings, anyone know why?

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USB-C cable is connected from monitor to PC? It’s required to change Chroma settings.

This same thing happens to me every time the power is cut off from my PC (i.e. take it apart to clean it, power outage).  I’ve found that if I disconnect the USB-C from my PC itself then reconnect it, it usually works.  Every once in a while, I have to disconnect that cable from both the PC and monitor, then reconnect both ends.  I’ve always eventually got it to work.  Although, sometimes, for whatever reason, I have to keep at it and do it several times.  Who knows why, but this has always worked for me.

Same thing here. Just got the monitor and usb c is connected. It makes a noise but nothing changes 

Same problem here. I plugged the monitor’s USB-C cable to my mother board’s USB-C port, and monitor’s DP cable to GPU’s DP port. Two cables on my PC at the same time. The lighting tab is still disabled in the Synapse app.

Anyone know why? I need help!😥

I am having the same issue as well