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chroma studio is acting a bit weird

  • 5 September 2019
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So, I have a couple of issues with my chroma studios that I can't find a solution to
1) my HDK's led strip seems to forget its rotation and get's reset to left to right
2) Audio responsive effect will work fine on my headphone output, but once I switch to my speakers it turns into some kind of rave
3) When I choose the ambient occulsion effect, I can select the zone on my second monitor, but it will still keep track of the main monitor
first seems to be an issue with HDK software in general, considering how weird it works with a built-in visualizer
Still, any help or advice would be helpful

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I can only help with #1, but leave at least 1 space between all products, especially around the HDK strips. If they are too close, it'll reset once you come back to the studio just like the problem you're having. I wrote a little more about it here if interested: /chroma-studio-questions.51407/