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Clearance delay at customs , how long should i wait

  • 24 September 2021
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That's so ridiculous, I bought a blade 15 on 9/14. so far, it has already passed 10 days, but the laptop is still in clearance delay status at ANCHORAGE, AK.
How long should I wait? and why I cannot find any info about razer, just wanna contact them.

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5 Replies

I am in the same boat here, my balde 14 is stuck in Alaska under a customs delay according the the tracking, starting to wish I used amazon lol...
Well, just for updating the info.
Finally, my razer arrived on 9/27... it took 13 days including weekend days. Btw, I also bought an eye mask only taking 3 days. Perhaps, a laptop is a high-risk stuff.
Was wondering, did the fedex update their status or did it just get delivered?
the FedEx updated the delivery date. so you will know before the arriving!
Hi, fedex updated their tracking info to cleared and it was at my nominated address 1 business day later.

Not going to lie, this is my first Razer product and I have been appalled by the customer service trying to resolve this issue. I think I talked to roughly 6 or 7 employees or reps about this issue (through every channel I could, Reddit, Razer website, razer Instagram you name it.

Just kept getting told someone would be looking into it and never got a complete answer on anything... Was quite bizarre actually
Really has turned me off Razer, before I even got the product.
Just waiting for my laptop to get forwarded to me with planetexpress from the US to Fiji and I'll be good to go.