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Clearance delay at customs .. is this normal?

  • 26 February 2019
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i recently ordered from razer and the shipment has been held at customs for about 4 days now. Has anyone else experienced this and if so , how was the issue resolved?

update: package cleared customs and was delivered 2 days past scheduled delivery date. large shipments (mine was in a shipment of 90 other orders) are held at customs for longer due to the clearance process.

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35 Replies

my package is stuck at AK with the status
. Clearance Delay - Import
A statement is required from the consignee unless the consignee authorizes the shipper to complete and include the toxic substance statement on their behalf.

my package was sent from HK and I live in IL.

??? Is there anything we a buyer has to deal with custom? ≈ How many days it will stuck for custom clearance? Any idea please. Thank you
Yeah similar boat here as apparently many. I ordered my rb15 3 days ago late at night and was pleasantly surprised to see it ship on Sunday due to deliver Wednesday but now it's stuck in customs. Weird thing is there are multiple descriptions of the delay. Currently just says "import" as the reason but five minutes prior to that in the history it says:

  • Clearance delay - Import
    A statement is required from the consignee unless the consignee authorizes the shipper to complete and include the toxic substance statement on their behalf.


Also it's funny because if you start typing FedEx clearance delay in Google it populates razer before you finish typing delay.

Have you received your package?
Have you received your package?

I did like the next day haha. I use FedEx for work a lot and know the people in my main shipping facility in the area. I had them text me when it came in the routing center and I went and picked it up. Got a perfect one it seems pretty stoked about it.
I would also say that this is normal. I have had some of my razor laptops shipped form HZ and others local. When you order a laptop right after it is announce or it is backlogged, it makes sense for Razer to ship directly from HZ vs shipping to the US and then to you. Just to be fair, I have had the same thing happen with Apple laptops also.
I gave them my info and a FedEx dude gave me a phone call explaining that it's just a waiting game when it comes to customs. But the day after I got the call, the laptop somehow magically got transported to my location, and it delivered the same day.
“My” white blade 15 was supposed to be delivered yesterday. It’s been in customs for over 2 days. I’m really losing my patience... ;/
i work for a company that does import clearance, to be fair i dont know what country it is but most process's is the same, most of the time customs is blamed for delay of the actual courier

clearance on average takes about 5-10 mins per shipment. sometimes they go wrong but it all depends where it comes from and what the commodity actually is. most of the errors customs want to see copy documents and will customs clear within 4 hours
My Razer phone 2 and wireless charger coming from HK to SC are stuck in AK as well only the reason for mine seems a bit different.

Reason for delay:
Itemized breakdown of product composition required.
Recommended action:
Shipper to provide

Sounds like they want to know all the components of both devices.
This is helpful! Just ordered the RB15 on Sunday and it shipped yesterday. Now it's in customs in TN. Yay! Waiting! And curse Amazon for spoiling me with 1-2 day shipping .
This is helpful! Post Just read about this RB15 Let know how to order thank revdl