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Everything but the Time Sink

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There are a lot of great games out there and the value they provide to each and every individual is going to vary. We've discussed in previous discussions regarding the availability of time in which to play our games. The time we have to play our games alone has value. At the same time, how much time invested is a good amount?

This one is tricky, as the answers would vary between pvp and pve type games. For example, I still play Overwatch. I've easily poured over 500 hours into it. I've dumped a lot of money into loot boxes and I still feel like I'm getting a lot of value out of the game. I know many others who would disagree.

The value changes when I'm playing an RPG. I would expect to get at a minimum of 40 hours. I'd love to get 80 or higher. The $60 USD I drop on it feels like it's worth it, along with my enjoyment of the time spent. If the game is a slog and feels like torture to complete, that feels like a waste, too. The same happens with a lot of games as a service, where the game might start to feel like a chore.

I hate chores! They take away from game time.

But then there are games that are only 10 hours long with no re-playability in mind. That $60 is a feelsbad. I'd expect that from an indie game (at a lower price), but not a AAA title.

So, how much play time do you expect from a game? This is the Thread of the Week. I look forward to your thoughts.

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Best value I have ever had is with CS GO, 5500 hours for a preorder price of just $15, not to mention I got a TF2 item with the preorder which I sold to recover around 80% of the cost of the game itself. 😃
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Tbh I have almost never bought a game at full retail price of $60. So the disappointment from a bad game isnt as big since I have less invested. If you are not investing money into a game you sure as well invest your time which is just as valuable as the initial $60 you pay, even more if you put a lot of hours into the game.
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I typically don't give time considerations to non-story games. For story based AAA games, I'd be looking for triple digit hour campaigns, unless I can get it very cheap.

As for my most played game, I probably spent well over 5000 hours on Neverwinter (can't give the exact number since you don't need Steam running to launch the game), an MMO (where time isn't considered as a factor by me).
I'm rather cheap 😉 i prefer games that "never ends". Gran Turismo, Civilization series are imho well spent money.
As my pre speaker, I'm deep into MMO, tried a few, Lineage II was faar the best, now i'm Neverwinterling 🙂 game is F2P and has loads of content, and i love it 💚
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More than 5000 hours on GTA V 😭😭😭
I mostly play CS:GO, but I only play it in the evenings, as I'm bored playing alone, so I don't get much playtime but still absolutely love it!
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Oh oh oh can we post screens like that from OW as well? Never mind i'll post it anyway.

No amount of time is enough to play games for me, i sometimes feel like i could go like this forever. But then yeah, something happens and you gotta do other stuff. As per play time, i like to fully experience a game worth playing and not just to finish the main story line. Overwatch FTW!
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@.Surf. is a Hanzo main?! woulda never guessed! lol. I kid I kid.

I only have 1/2 the hours you guys have into OW, but I'll say its worth every penny. BONUS = I have never had to pay for a single map pack, EVER. TAKE THAT .... call of duty fans!

I can see myself playing OW forever. I played CS 1.6 for nearly 10 years, then along came OW to take me away from it.
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I think there is a lot of things that every gamer/person must consider on your own like type of game, single or multi game or both in one title, content over time and enjoy that game give him/her so this question is hard to answear. I can tell on my own expiriance that only target my person. I play WoW for 14 or 15 years i dont remember when game start 😛 but every time when i login to this game i have something to do or people that i can talk and i know over time game will have new expansion and even if people will change some leave other start to play i can find someone i can play and enjoy time. Relations in this years we live is important becose games evolve to co-op or multiplayer if you dont have friends your time in games will be not so great and single player games are a small % of the market if we consider AAA title and this type of games dont give a lot of game time most they prepare to multi like it's in Battlefild V campain is a short story to prepare player to real game in multi. I dont think market will change and new generation give the same or way that games will go ahead.
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Does 1215 hours in GTAV online count :big_grin_:

I know its not much, my other game timings are like much less with multiple different genre games. It would've been more because i had a gap of almost 3 years before getting the new steam/epic store/orgin id's because i lost my old account details sadly. :rolleyes:
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If we are talking about solo gaming, i expect at least 30-40 hours for a new game, no question why i love so much the Zelda and FF games.
But when adding multi games, and especially MMO, it's a different thing; i've spent countless days playing WoW.
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Gaming is really getting bigger and bigger, i love to see posts and stuff about gaming everywhere. I like in fact that on some retail sites it became a separate category to browse on. Many say gaming is wasted time, but if you enjoy every second of it, it's never wasted.
I love gaming but my favorite series of games is AC, and for multiplayer LoL(i wish i get diamond one day)