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Genshin Impact: Albedo or Eula??

  • 25 December 2021
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The next rerun in Genshin Impact is starting in just a few days! There's two banners with shared pity. This double banner is a nice upgrade to Genshin's gacha system.
The first choice would be Albedo. He is a geo support who does off-field damage. Albedo is very easy to use and build, scaling off of defense. He can use multiple artifacts sets and has F2P weapons specified for him. Harbinger of Dawn is his current best in slot weapon, but there may be a new free event four star weapon coming that will likely more efficient, the Cinnabar Spindle.
The second choice is Eula, who so far, has the biggest damage potential in the game, closely followed by Hu Tao. Eula is the most powerful physical dps who has massive ult damage. With her preffered team, which includes a cryo battery support and an electro superconduct applier, she can reach literal millions of damage. Although Eula is an amazing 5 star character, there's a few problems that need to be considered. A considerable amount of Eula's damage is locked behind constellations. She also requires more specific artifacts, the pale flame set with good mainstats and substats.
Who will you choose?

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