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Help deciding between Viper or Basilisk.

  • 21 December 2020
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I'm trying to decide between the Viper Ultimate and the Basilisk Ultimate, I'm right handed. My concerns with the Viper are that it is not focused around right handed people and of accidental clicks on the buttons on the right side. While my concern with the Basilisk is that it might feel heavy.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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5 Replies

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I have a Basilisk X (don't know if there is much difference in weight) and it is sooooo comfortable in the hand that it can't feel heavy
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Advantage of Basilisk
Basilisk have an ergonomic design, and a thumb rest with extra button which give right hand gamers advantage of long hours of gaming without worrying too much about wrist injury.

Disadvantage of Basilisk
Whether I'm right or wrong, I have not seen a left hand Basilisk before. For now the purpose is suited for right hand gamers. Expensive compared to Viper

Advantage of Viper
Dual support for left and right hand gamers and an extra button compared to Basilisk. Affordable price compared to Basilisk.

Disadvantage of Viper
Opposite to Basilisk, it does not have an ergonomic design which can cause wrist injury faster than Basilisk.

Whatever Good and Bad the Basilisk has, Viper has the opposite

That is what I can observe for now~~~

Personally I care about my wrist, and comfy handle of the mouse so I go for Basilisk
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I have RVU - which is my main mouse now, and the 1st Basilisk whch have similar shape to the to Basilisk ultimate.

For me - RVU is better (for FPS games) - much lighter, great grip. The side buttons are so perfectly designed, that you cannot accidentally click it.

Basilisk will have A LOT better ergonomics, I also like the clutch button... and you have more Chroma :)

For gaming - RVU, for gaming + work - I'd choose Basilisk.
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"clutch button", I called it a "thumb rest with extra button"
Thanks for correction @FiszPL
Thank you for the responses so far, from what I'm reading the Basilisk seems to be the better option. If anyone else has insights I'll still be reading, going to decide sometime tomorrow what to buy.