its funny b/c razer's customer support is a meme in itself | Razer Insider

its funny b/c razer's customer support is a meme in itself

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plz don't kill me for making a joke
don't worry im not going to redirect razer lovers to a razer-hating bandwagon.

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"Imagine buying a expensive tech product that just....doesn't work. And then dealing with customer support"

in all honesty I don't understand why more people aren't talking about razer support. I read a lot of negative reviews on razer products and stories about razer tech?

Have I had talked to razer support? no, cuz im very anti-social when it comes to me being a customer. heck I get nervous talking to target employees about what aisle the kitchen plates are or popeyes workers when ordering a sandwich without any hot sauce. its sad ik.
Can I please stop talking in italic? no b/c idk how to turn italics off. either that or its bugged.
What are your experiences with razer support? because if you give me your experience I can be more enlightened on the topic.

if this thread gets locked, then razer mods, im sorry for being a douche

do you find razer support helpful?

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