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Macro to counter a toggle help asap ! :)

  • 8 May 2019
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Hello everyone,,
in a game there is a keybind that is a toggle and I would try to see if I can use it as a normal key, the macro would be:
press the key = press, unpress the key
unpress the key = press, unpress the key
But I have no Idea how to make that happen since the macros work only when you press and not when you unpress (in my knowledge)
Any siggestions?

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so the game default is a toggle-action? and you need to change it to hold action using a macro? isn't there a game setting for it?
you can probably configure the macro this way: press the key=macro presses the key once release the key=macro presses it again

I might've understood wrong, not sure

edit: I mean... I think you can do that just like you mentioned in OP. at least if I don't remember wrong it is possible to bind a macro on key release