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My First Razer Experience

  • 4 May 2024
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So I just bought my Razer Laptop last 2022 of October and not even 2 years the battery started bloating and to make matters worse because the keyboard ribbon was next to the battery it pushed it out and I think it damaged it to the point that some of my keys in my keyboard stopped working. I tried contacting Razer customer support about it but even with my serial given due to the warranty ended. I have tried other brands before but this is the first time I have experienced this. I thought with Razer being a expensive and good brand that the Razer laptops would be powerful but no. Now I'm spending it several hundred dollars just to find other ways to fix this problem. The battery is now replaced but the keyboard is still broken with 5 keys not working even with Razer Synapse uninstalled and Keyboard driver reinstalled. Never again.

1 Reply

Also forgot to mention Razer support did not even try to help me.