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naga chain macro help

  • 19 April 2019
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hey guys , I recently upgraded to a naga trinity from a Logitech g600 which I had for almost 4 years and finally broke down ( very good mouse overall btw ) .
im playing aion which is an mmo game with lots of skills/keys and im trying to create a simple chain macro of few skills that will be launched always on the same order and also the ability to stop the macro at any point using "repeat while key is pushed" .
for example a macro of 3 skills 1 , 2 , 3 where I can launch the first skill only and wait until I want to use the second and third skills or launch the first and the second and stop at the third skill to save it for later .
unfortunately I couldn't achieve this with the naga but with the g600 it worked pretty good . I did set a delay in the macro but it performs poorly since while holding the macro key all the skills are triggered together at some point and that messes the order of the skills .
im sorry in advance for this wall of text and thanks for any kind of help .

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