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Questions regarding Quartz peripherals

  • 8 March 2022
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Hi! I have some questions regarding the Quartz peripherals and couldn’t find answers to them using the search bar, and was hoping some of you could shed some insight.

  • Huntsman VS BlackWidow V3

I already own the Huntsman, but saw the recently-released BlackWidow V3 and am wondering which keyboard is better. I would greatly appreciate input from anyone who has tried both! In case keycaps is a factor, I swapped the default keycaps on my Huntsman for the PBT keycaps also sold by Razer.

2. Basilisk VS Lancehead TE VS Viper Ultimate

Background: Am a palm gripper when doing work, a claw gripper when gaming; play MOBA and FPS games; small hands (16 cm - 8 cm)

I already own the Basilisk and it is pretty comfortable. I am currently looking to purchase another mouse. I have never tried an ambidextrous mouse or a wireless mouse (since wired often > wireless, but Viper Ultimate’s specs seems to say otherwise). Should I purchase another Basilisk, Lancehead TE (because wired and cheaper to try) or Viper Ultimate (because wireless and great specs)? Price is not really a factor.

3. Kraken VS Kraken Kitty Edition

I already own the Kraken, but the Kitty Edition with the chroma looks good. However, I read on another thread that the kitty ears tends to mess with the distribution of weight and it slides off or something? I have a small head, and was wondering if anyone could confirm if this was true/false.

Thank you!!

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