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Razer blackshark v2 Popping/Crackling sound

  • 23 November 2023
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I think this is due to the update, I am suddenly experiencing this static/popping sound. The headset is around 1 month old, anyone know a fix for this? it is pretty annoying.

12 Replies

My first advice is to look at the article that most people reference: 

This Article Here

But if you follow each step and the problem returns, it is my advice to reopen this question and mention that you have done all this. That way the Devs will know if there’s an issue.

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Have the same issue with Blackshark V2. They’ve been pushing out a lot of updates recently and have now totally broken the software. I’m trying to record a game to post to youtube later, and the software crashes my entire sound system in Windows, when it happens can’t see any speakers or mics. Ridiculous.

Latest update is really a joke. I have bkackshark v2. The sound is horrible. Volume is extremely loud. I have set the knob at around 20-25 percent. There is always some kind of compression in any game i play. In pubg footsteps and gubshots are low and cars planes and explosions are extremely  loud. In escape from tarkov there is some kind of compression along with surround style. Its totally broken. Plus my computer takes so much time to shutdown when i have the usb sound card pluged in. If i disconnect it  shutdown immediatelly. Unless razer fix this i will never buy razer again. They ruined the best gaming headset they made in the last years. I am on windows 11 by the way. 

Honestly i gave up with the sound card and i unplugged it.  I plugged the headphones directly to onboard sound card and now my pc works as it should.  As for the sound its by far more clear and distint specially in Pubg.  I dont think razer will ever fix this.  It seems they did it intentionally.  

FINALLYYYYYY. Todays update fixed everything. Great sound is back. Volume normalized as before. Pc now shutsdown immediatelly. So happy that razer fixed it. Only thought is why they messed up in the first place. 

I just bought mine today and they have slight crackle when people talk or more sounds are in gameplay. 

I just bought mine today and they have slight crackle when people talk or more sounds are in gameplay. 

Download synapse and scan it for updates. They did a big one a few weeks or months ago that broke a bunch of their products function. Since then they've patched it a bunch but I still have crackles occasionally. When I switch usb ports it goes away for a bit. Idk, it's not constant but happens once every hour randomly. It never used to do it though. I actually loved this headset prior and I never even cared to use THX stuff. 

Yeah it still does it after the update. Its consistent during chat and during more noisy situations. Happens in all volume levels and eq settings. 

Simple follow the razor article :https://mysupport.razer.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4003?_ga=2.156540926.419548415.1701148796-1698778699.1700861467&_gl=1*bh1gah*_ga*MTY5ODc3ODY5OS4xNzAwODYxNDY3*_ga_3TRK53PM75*MTcwMTE0ODc5Ni43LjEuMTcwMTE0ODk1Ni40NC4wLjA. and you’ll be able to fix the issue.

The device is defective and Razer doesn’t seem to want to recall these headsets once they have taken your money again. PSA do not buy the Blackshark v2 pro headsets they are garbage with the popping and crackling.. This is seriously a defective device and I am not surprised to see many other people with this issue. Seems a standard issue with this headset due to poor hardware 

I am late to this party. I started having this issue of popping/crackling, especially when playing multiple audio sources, such as Discord, Apple Music,  and playing a game. Tried doing a clean insteall, tried repairing, tried wiping out all video and sound drivers, nothing worked.

But as soon as I went into your registry editor tool, delete anything related to Razer, THX, Synapse, etc. Wipe all that clean as can be, then uninstall Synapse. Restart PC, download Synapse again, your settings should still be saved by the cloud.

No more cackling and popping noises for me. From what I was able to figure out, it had to do with a glitch or bug with the THX side of things.

Try wiping everything “Razer” and “THX” from your windows registry, then reinstall Synapse.

Works perfectly now. After months of nothing working, that has been my only successful solution.



I installed the new Razer synapse beta, went to Windows sound properties, playback section (Razer speaker) enabled Dolby atmos for headphone in the spatial audio setting and that fixed it for me. not sure if the razer synapse beta is necessary and if it will work for everyone but worth a try.

hope that helps!