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Razer Cortex?

  • 26 August 2019
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I been having alot of problems with razer silver lately and it is starting to peeve me off. Razer cortex has stopped giving me razer silver. Everytime i play csgo it says getting razer silver ready, or whatever then proceeds to put me on csgo, but then razer cortex stops running. Then after playing for the required amount of time i can not just go to my taskbar and click on razer cortex, i have to reopen the app from my desktop, but i still do not recieve my razer silver. Any help would be great. - an annoyed gamer

ps- I do not want this to come across rudely, and i am not trying to forward hate towards razer.

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2 Replies

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There are already countless threads on the issue, please do a search before posting new threads on the same topic. Better to consolidate this issue into 1 thread. @Dekades Have a look at the P2P PC issues, already submitted a log for it.
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If you play on game that is on list of games you can gain zsilver then something is wrong. I can recommend you first to repair the softwere via windows add/remove panel. If still you will have the issue try to reinstall the synapse just remove all razer softwere from pc go to appdata and programfiles then remove there trazer folder empty the trash and reboot pc next thing will be download new synapse installer from razer website and install it. You can laso if dont have link your steam account to cortex.