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Razer Silver for Your Thoughts - Earn More Silver

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Nice, I like it.:wink_:
Sweet, hopefully we can actually earn enough in a 12 month period to claim some of the more expensive rewards. (>200k zSilver)
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I certainly hope this forum will go in the direction mentioned in the first post, and not so much of the way of support forum. I mean, it's cool that you can open topic and someone will help you, but I would want more gaming related topics.
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To keep a forum alive in days like this when people are hanging on social medias it is really hard.I think rewards/achievments is one way but content and publicity is more effective.
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Clap HD
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Hmm... Interesting. Is that great content rewards still running too? Where posts are rewarded with zSilver by staff?
Cool, cool, cool, cool, noice!
This is cool! Will support it!
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This reply deserves some Razer Silver. 😉
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Great update, hopefully we see more engaging topics here apart from the plethora of support related threads.