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razer support is a joke

  • 26 December 2022
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some of you may have noticed that i posted a thread some time ago, searching for some replacement cables for my raptor monitor.

these cables are available for purchase but only in the US, as im in the UK im out of luck.

i posted on here in the hopes that some kind american chap would be able to purchase an send the cables to me and i would reimburse them for the trouble.

however razer support decided that the post should not be viewed by anyone and locked the thread.

that took place around half way through November.

razer did reply to post however but refused to do anything until i gave them all information about the monitor:
model number
serial number
where and when it was purchased
this was expected and not much of a problem as i had all the info.

after many back and forth emails with razer requesting info and me providing it, i finally receive an email stating that razer have approved my replacement part request and will send me the cables, also stating that i will be hearing from them in 1-2 business days. this email came through on the 4th of December. so good news.

here is the quote from that email:

"Good day! Thank you for patiently waiting, good news our team approved a one-time exemption parts replacement for you.

We are going to endorse your case to our spare parts team to further assist you with your request.

They will be sending you the spare USB-A and USB-C cables. They will contact you within 1-2 business days."

after a week or so of waiting on the 12th of December, i send another email asking whats going on as i have not received the cables or any information regarding them as i was told.

then i receive a reply from razer...

"We will escalate and process this request but please know that we cannot guarantee if this request will be fulfilled. Feedback will be sent via email within 3-5 business days."

so now im wondering whats going on, so i reply with the email from the 4th saying its already been approved and razer were going to send me the cables so id like to know whats going on.

i received this on the 26th of December.

"Good Day!

My name is Mae from the Spare Part Team and I will be assisting you today.

A spare part request for the USB-A and USB-C that you have requested for your Razer Raptor has already been logged. This request will be under the following RMA Number: RZC-1381373.

I may need to validate if we can send this part out to you but I may not get an answer right away. I know how important this part is to you but don’t worry, if we have the part available I will make sure that it gets shipped out immediately. No guarantees yet but we will make sure that you get an update from us."

seems like they dont know if its possible now, after already stating they would send the cables to me.
as i say this all started in the middle of november, its nearly new year. what the actual.

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Razer in general, is a joke. I will never touch to their products ever!

I bought Blackshark V2 and the synapse interface is broken. They can't fix it. I literally can't choose the EQ mods.

On top of that, the headphone volume adjustement stick creates a huge distortion\\ hiss sound when i adjust the volume.

Even a little adjustement with my fingers causes this very loud distortion sound... The headphones themselves didn't exposed to any kind of damage or fall... Can't believe this honestly.

Now they are wasting my time collecting my logs or whatever... I hope they fix it though.

received this email today.

Good Day!

"I understand your point on this matter and I apologize for the delay and inconvenience you experienced. However, the part you are looking for is currently not available. No worries! Your request has been logged but it is still subject to availability and we cannot give you a full guarantee about it.

We will be reaching you back once we got an update."

now they are not available apparently..

thats funny coz heres the links



razer are fucking useless.
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I like their products but also haven’t enjoyed dealing with their support, especially when I have issues with products.

if I were you, I’d join some online Facebook gaming groups. I have seen a lot of people coordinate regional purchases from those when not available in some countries. Might be faster and more reliable than waiting for Razer or getting your posts blocked on these forums.
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its just overpriced plastic i can get the same quality for 20 dollars

@Spydainteractive is the raptor a good monitor? Just asking coz I’m looking for a good monitor atm