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RazerBlade WiFi not working - Need Honest Review on Razer Support / Warranty

Hey guys, I am looking for some help. Me and my girlfriend bought RazerBlade 15's together from Best Buy. Same store, same model.

After playing games for a few days we noticed one of the laptop loses wi-fi connection about every 15 minutes. The laptop is the ONLY device in the house to lose connection. I troubleshooted our network a hundred different ways, and we even switched out different router from our ISP.

After reading the experiences of a few other people online with the same problem from RazerBlade laptops, I narrowed the issue down to the internal Wi-fi card being defective. I am 100% sure the wifi adapter is the problem - and to test it we bought a $60 Netgear USB wifi adapter and plugged it in. The laptop has not disconnected a single time with the USB wifi adapter.

Here is what I need advice on:

I started talking with Razer Support on Reddit 15 days ago. They had me perform a full factory reset of the laptop and provide nearly every piece of information about my life to them. After 15 days of making zero progress with Support, they have now "Created a case" and passed me along to a different Razer Support group. Now I am being asked the same questions that I spent over 2 weeks discussing with the Reddit Support.

My question is, has anybody had a good experience with Razer's Warranty? I have no idea what to do now. It is looking like they want me to ship the laptop back to them for "repair". I've heard stories where somebody sent their laptop for repair and it was gone for over a month. That is not really an option for us.

I asked Razer Support if they could send me a new wifi card for me to install - or if they would at least recommend a new wifi card to buy with my own money and fix the laptop. They said "Do not change the wifi card, it will void your warranty." Well, friends, what exactly am I supposed to do? Not only is my wifi card broken from the factory, but I am also not allowed to fix it myself?

If anyone has advice, experience, words of wisdom, literally anything to help with this extremely disappointing experience I would love to hear it. For a $2000 investment to not have stable internet connection, we are suffering serious buyer's remorse here. Thanks in advance guys.

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Can anybody tell me Razer's warranty policy when it comes to opening the laptop? Razer Support told me that replacing the wifi card myself will void my warranty. I am being told from other sources that this is completely false. Is Razer Support lying when they say I am not allowed to replace the defective wifi card myself without voiding the warranty??
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It depends on the device you have on some devices you can replace the ram, nvme drive and wifi card but razer dont take any responsibility becose the parts are not the original that device was shipping with. So if you have device that you can swap you can but you do it on your own when you demage the device you avoid the warranty if you lost or ship device without origial parts you lose warranty.