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The Dreaded Backlog

  • 8 October 2019
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Growing up as a kid and even up to my early college days, a huge problem was that I never had enough games. When I got my NES for my birthday the only games I had were the ones that came with it: Duck Hunt and Gyromite. We didn't have much money, so the games were far and a few between and anytime I got my hands on a game, I played the living daylights out of it.

Fast forward to today, sprinkle in some hard work and whip up a batch of first world problems and I have found myself with the opposite. Now that I'm making my own money, I find myself buying games that I never get around to playing. Maybe there's a part of me that feels like I'm making up for the lack that was prevalent when I was a kid. Regardless, I have this huge backlog of games and with work and life, I feel like there's never enough time.

Do you have a backlog? If so, how big? Do you think you'll ever get to it? This is the thread of the week, share your stories!

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26 Replies

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I see you have the tarturus. How do you like it? I am thinking about buying one.

Hey @xARACHN1D , sorry about the late reply. I completely missed your message here.

The Tartarus V2 is a nice piece for FPS games like CS Go and Rainbox Six Siege, i use it mainly for the FPS games. Using the Synapse software i can customize the keys specifically for those games without making any changes in the keyboard. So its superb as an additional gear for the FPS games and when playing the other TPS/RPG i switch back to my Blackwindow elite key board.

Let me know if you need any more details dude. :smile_: