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The razer core X

  • 28 May 2019
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Hello to anyone reading this

I was wondering if someone could answer a question about the razer core X as I am new to laptops and computer gaming. I bought the razer blade stealth last October and recently bought a total war: The three kingdoms on it. Unfortunately the game looks horrible when playing it on the laptop and the graphics are terrible. I am not sure why and if there is a way to improve this. I read that the razer core X with a better EGPU might help but I am only interested if it improves the graphic as well as performance as it is quite expensive. If someone could answer me that would be great!


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1 Reply

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Just saw the game I think if you’re lowering the resolution or setting it’ll be playable on your stealth. But yes if you want play native resolution and max graphics with good FPS definitely core X and gpu will gain more performance, probably for the game rtx2060, 1660ti or even gtx 1070 will be more than enough imo.