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[TotW] A Wireless Standard

  • 3 November 2020
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Who's the cutest little mouse? Yes you are!

Surprisingly, the mouse that brought me into the wireless world was the Atheris. I say surprisingly because this was before Razer™️ HyperSpeed Wireless. Don't get me wrong, it was still our tech, but it was unassuming like the mouse was; powered by batteries, great for travel, no Chroma. But it showed me that having a wireless mouse wasn't an issue when it came to gaming. I'm no pro gamer, and I certainly didn't notice any issues with lag. So when we started dropping new mice with wireless tech, Razer™️ HyperSpeed Wireless tech to be exact, I was already on board. I would miss my mouse bungee terribly, but it was worth the new Chroma mouse dock and wireless gaming.

Are you still wired? Is it a choice? Have you encountered any problems? I'd love to know your thoughts. This is your Thread of the Week. Like and comment for a chance at the random "Great" achievement. Two additional comments with great feedback will get the repeatable "Nice" achievement.

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34 Replies

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I've got my first wireless gaming mouse (DeathAdder V2 Pro) to replace my old DeathAdder Chroma recently. I benefited from the weight reduction and enjoyed a wire free environment now. Next target would be a wireless keyboard.
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Wow wireless mouse it so cool wish to have one.
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This mouse look a damn cool. Back with a bang with awesome product
It depends, on my desktop i prefer wired mouse, keyboard and headset (waiting for my nari ultimate, so last one is gonna change), its more realible and dont have to worry for batteries. On my laptop wireless is the way, especially if travel alot.
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waiting till Christmas for sales
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Wow ! Atheris looks minimalist and exclusive. But I'm really sad that I don't have any wireless peripherals yet. Surely, one fine day I'll go to fully wireless and the peripherals on my list for now are Basilisk Ultimate and BlackWidow V3 Pro
I am still using my first gaming mouse (Razer Lancerhead). The reason I like wired mouse and still using it because I do not need to guess when the battery is drained out, and not need to change or charge the batteries.
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I love Atheris too, for the office work. And i'm still wired, but planning to get that basilisk ultimate with charging dock. I want to slowly remove the cables from my setup, they're so many.
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imma switch to wireless when its time lmaoo
Still running wired.
Had an Logitech MX1000 years ago that I really liked. But with the release of WoW and running raids it did run out of battery a couple of times and the only way to charge it was to let it sit in its dock which caused problems when the mouse suddenly died. Had a cheaper wireless for my notebook that had AAA batteries, but when that broke down I used a wired mouse instead.
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I clicked into this thread thinking, SWEET A NEW PRODUCT, A WIRELESS STAND!
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I am wired only by my budget. ill have to stick with my lancehead for now.
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I've slowly started to move towards wireless.
My first wireless mouse was the MX Master 2, which was... okay.
Then I got the Atheris, which was *great*. After that, I started trusting wireless, and now have a Basilisk Ultimate and Pro Click.
My desk thanks me for not having cables haphazardly strewn about.
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I currently have a VicTsing 2.4g wireless optical mouse. I think it's branded more towards "normal" computer users because it's not the best for gaming. Sometimes I move the mouse and it doesn't even respond or it responds too late. I should invest in a Razer mouse soon. I'm pro-wireless because of cables getting in the way and stuff like that so maybe an Atheris or Deathadder pro will do the trick for me.
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I'm still wired and it's only a choice of whether I have the cash for a wireless or not. Personally I'm a traditionalist so I like them wired. You should take a look at the 2 cables for my Goliathus and DA Elite. They are perfectly aligned all the time with the latter's cable nicely tucked under the former's cable management catch.

It pleases my OCD :cool_:
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all black, no rgb, wireless, :smile_:
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i'm using the atheris as my day to day mouse now. awesome wireless mouse.
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I just go wired because it doesn't bother me much and it is usually cheaper. Wired is only a problem when my desk is messy and my mouse gets caught on something which rarely happens.
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The first wireless mouse is some cheap China made mouse cost less than $5. But it was surprisingly great for typical usage. I like the design of Razer's mouse in general but very few wireless options in the market. Even it launched a bunch of hyperspeed options, the price was too aggressive.

Either way, I would still prefer wireless rather than wire. Portability is important!
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Wireless for sure!!! Who wants a cable to restring the action?! I like to place the mouse in difference surface while using
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Wireless with RGBs for sure!
My first mouse was wireless though. Back in 2010. :cool_:
3 AAA batteries.
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Even i moved into the new no lag wireless world with mouse n headphones and its really clutter free:smile_:
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Hello friends,

I prefer the peripherals with wires, because they are cheap, easier to manufacture, there is less breakdown and wear without battery and bluetooth receiver.
They are more ecological, recycling is facilitated.
There is also one thing that I think is important regarding the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).
In France, we think of the principle of precotion, I avoid submitting my body too much to waves (WIFI, BT, TV Radio, 3G, 4G, 5G).
The waves are everywhere and we still do not know if it can be harmful to health if we use too much.
It's not fear, just caution, everyone is free to make these choices. :)
So I limit my exposures. I do the same for the tan, you have to be careful, even if I love it. lol

The only thing I don't limit is Razer Quartz edition. ^ _ ^
Wish I could afford some of these Razer stuff. Even one should be enough.