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[TotW] A Wireless Standard

  • 3 November 2020
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Who's the cutest little mouse? Yes you are!

Surprisingly, the mouse that brought me into the wireless world was the Atheris. I say surprisingly because this was before Razer™️ HyperSpeed Wireless. Don't get me wrong, it was still our tech, but it was unassuming like the mouse was; powered by batteries, great for travel, no Chroma. But it showed me that having a wireless mouse wasn't an issue when it came to gaming. I'm no pro gamer, and I certainly didn't notice any issues with lag. So when we started dropping new mice with wireless tech, Razer™️ HyperSpeed Wireless tech to be exact, I was already on board. I would miss my mouse bungee terribly, but it was worth the new Chroma mouse dock and wireless gaming.

Are you still wired? Is it a choice? Have you encountered any problems? I'd love to know your thoughts. This is your Thread of the Week. Like and comment for a chance at the random "Great" achievement. Two additional comments with great feedback will get the repeatable "Nice" achievement.

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34 Replies

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I've always been a wired-only partisan.
I have awful memories of the first experiences that I had with wireless mouse in the late 90's.
So much that I've rejected all wireless material, regardless of what it is and it's quality.
Even when seing technology evolution and some great reviews about it.

At least until recently.
I took advantage of the 10% offer on Zsilver price to redeem a Basilisk Ultimate with Charging Dock.
The day i received it changed my life.
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I'm still wired and it's by choice. I like the idea of wireless but the added cost doesn't offer much benefit for me. I don't travel much so I have little need for going wireless. Plus the cost difference is a factor for me as well. I heavily debated on going with the Basilisk Ultimate over the Basilisk V2 (which is my current setup) but decided to save some coin and went with the V2 since they are practically identical minus the wireless feature and the side light (boy I wish the v2 had that!).

I might go wireless for my next build, it's hard to say though because mice usually last me several years. I may pick up something wireless on a whim one day just for the heck of it. That Viper ultimate is pretty darn enticing.
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Hello friends,

I prefer the peripherals with wires, because they are cheap, easier to manufacture, there is less breakdown and wear without battery and bluetooth receiver.
They are more ecological, recycling is facilitated.
There is also one thing that I think is important regarding the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).
In France, we think of the principle of precotion, I avoid submitting my body too much to waves (WIFI, BT, TV Radio, 3G, 4G, 5G).
The waves are everywhere and we still do not know if it can be harmful to health if we use too much.
It's not fear, just caution, everyone is free to make these choices. :)
So I limit my exposures. I do the same for the tan, you have to be careful, even if I love it. lol

The only thing I don't limit is Razer Quartz edition. ^ _ ^

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I think it's the best and good looking choice for the office work, it kinda makes you to work with it!
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I'm still using my first gaming mouse - a Deathadder 2013. A wireless mouse, while cool (who likes wires? *chirping crickets*), seems a little wasteful and unnecessary for my desktop setup. I don't have a laptop. If I did, it would make more sense (for portability reasons). Having another device to charge isn't ideal.
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i refuse to use wireless mouse...
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i refuse to use wireless mouse...

I shared your opinion for years, until I got a Basilisk Ultimate with charging dock last month.
I had my fears of lag and poor battery life.

All were blow away as fast as it's charging speed.

Even with RGB effects, it's still last for quite long, just have to put it on the dock on loading screens and I've seen no lag until now.
Looks cool
Good day to everyone!
How are you doing.