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[TotW] Remix, Revamp, Rebuild, Reboot, Remake, Redo, Remaster

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One of my major gripes with music remixes are simple beat swaps. Same song, same tempo, new beat. Sometimes a really good beat will change the song, but I prefer a remix be a very different version of the song. Many would disagree, but it's always been a pet peeve of mine when a remix was simply a beat swap.

There's a good chance that many of you will be busy running the streets of Midgar doing all the Final-Fantasy-VII-Remake-things. It's an impressive game and an even more impressive "remake" which begs the question: How much should an updated/revisited game be changed?

Every now and then I appreciate an HD remaster of an old game. For tech reasons I feel like it's much needed, otherwise it looks so dated it's off-putting.

Final Fantasy VII Remake blew the roof off my expectations. It changed everything, even down to the gameplay system. Generally, I think people would have been satisfied with a remaster of the game, but it would have been the same game, just prettier. I wholeheartedly appreciate the level of work and thought that was put into this game. It's more than just a remaster, it's almost a completely new game, save for the same characters and similar story. And I wouldn't call it a reboot because generally a reboot suggests they're redoing a lot of things and starting over. This game doesn't quite feel that way.

So what do you think, Insiders? Years after release, when a game is revisited, how far should it go from the original? Is a simple port ok for you? Or do you feel like it should keep up with the current technology and get updated? Or should it go a step further and blow the roof off the thing? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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So I like the idea of reissuing it. As long as it changes the story itself a little bit, but not the whole story. And yes, if it looks nice on top of that, then it worked out well for me.
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I dunt have much feeling on FF series, but I can tell that has one of the greatest graphic
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I've not played FF but usually for older games, it's great to have a remaster that befits current screen resolutions, updated graphics, slight changes to game mechanics to suit what we're currently used to etc. However, I prefer the characters and storyline to remain the same or at least similar, because it's like a glimpse into the past - almost like travelling back in time to see what was in the minds of the writers and developers at the time.
Not much of a FF fan myself, but i think that a remake shouldn't deviate too much from the original, but the physics, graphics, and maybe even gameplay could be updated to more current qualities.
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Hello friends,

The remaster of Final Fantasy 7 looks cool and interesting.
But, I don't like it being sold in three episodes. It will be very expensive for a single rebuild game. :/
I hope in any case that PS4 players will be able to have fun, we will have to wait a year before having it on PC.

Anyway, there is only one game in my eyes, it's Cyberpunk 2077, 5 ways to finish each quest. A real new game, so much love. ^_^
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Too bad we gonna have to wait to play the whole game..
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Never been a FF fan but the new game looks good.
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I dont really know,just by watching it being streamed i felt i dont have the same patience i use to have back in the day.I hope this remake thing wont last for long.There are many games that can be remastered but rather a fresh franchise a new title,a new idea.
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A little change can go a lot of way, adding subtle touches makes the story fresh and exciting while still bringing back good old memories.
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For me, it should be updated. #1 for me would be the graphics, it should be visually appeasing. Next would be gameplay, changes would be nice but not too far from the original. For music, what's good, is good. Story should be the same so new players would feel what we have experienced before.
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Not a fan of FF myself, but i can tell it looks great. I think when a game is being reconstructed, the story should stay the same, maybe some more details here and there to add something new or idk some optional side quests or achievements. Other than that, the graphics must surely be improved to keep up with out technology.
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If it works, don't fix it. I go by that motto and I apply it to great games of the past.

I'm not a FF player but I can talk about games that have experienced the pixel treatment to please the eyes of this generation.

Command and Conquer Remastered Collection, Crash Bandicoot the N. Sane Trilogy, Age of Empires 1 & 2 Definitive Editions and of course the legend himself, Halo with the MCC PC collection.

All iconic, all games that left a historic mark in their respective genres. They all had phenomenal gameplay so when I heard about them being revisited I wanted that gameplay to remain the same. So their remastered versions left me very satisfied. When I play them today I get back all that great feeling I got back in the day with a great visual upgrade that says "Welcome to today old friend". There is no greater feeling than this let me tell you.
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This is a great question. For a game like FF7, there was so much that the original game did amazingly well, it’s hard to imagine changing it at all. I remember pouring hours and hours into it after school with my friends and late into the night on more occasions I can count. It was the first game I played that actually gave me a physical response to the story. Tears, chills, rage.

But I recall that the development was somehow rushed and things that weren’t “finished” made it into the final retail game. I never realized it at the time, but there are some very unpolished parts of FF7. The blocky renders of Cloud and Co. in some of the cutscenes weren’t supposed to ship with the game, they were kind of placeholders. I guess it was also a limitation of the PS at the time as well? I forget.

This is all a very long-winded and poorly worded way to say, I guess it depends on the game being remade. Giving an old classic a fresh coat of paint is always tricky. These are games that mean a lot to a lot of people. If you change too much, you run the risk of changing what made them great in the first place. Upscaling and current graphics and all that is fine, in my opinion, but I don’t know how I feel about the story or even parts of the dialog changing in a game like FF7. Those are what made the game special.

(Side note, I have not played the Remake, so this is all speculation on my part.)
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every oldschool game should be remastered either a pc or console game. we should experience greatness with the graphics and at the same time with the nostalgia that gives us
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I have never played ff7

From a perspective of a total new comer, I think if the music is appropriate for our times ... why not?!

Counter point.... personally ... I would have liked it to be 100% orig with updated graphics, no changes to game play nor story line. That's just me ... I know it makes for a boring game... I simply like things "original"
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I think remakes would work best on the best titles that have been on the market. Like CSGO is a remake for 1.6 or like any new GTA that its better than the previous one.
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Тhere is no room for doubt every old game that was top of its time is worth getting remastered and upgraded, but not to change the story, because without history there is no future.
Let us be honest here. Some titles were awesome from beginning to end. Sure some would love to see an graphic-upgraded version of the game but motivation disappears with new "items" or things to do. Take Oddworld for example: An over 20 year old game company starting to Remake its series. I freaking loved it. Now with Soulstorm and its new item-craft system I really dont know if I even dare to try it.
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I like it when the remasters / remakes stick to the original formula. I don't mind if they update the controls and engine. However, I'm not a huge fan of adding onto it unless if it was originally planned but were unable to fit it into the original game. If it's all star-wars'd out, where they keep adding non-essential stuff just to tweak it, i'm not a huge fan. There are some games that totally deserve this HD treatment.

As for FF7, I think it's pretty awesome, kind of stinks they are breaking it up into parts, but it looks pretty cool. I don't know if I'll play it though. I sank so much time into it when it originally came out, I'm not sure if I want to delve into it again. The backlog is so large as it is haha!
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Personally, I think that a emake has to birng some changes from the original.
Otherwise, it would only be a port, or a mod.

I wih that it would keep the original weaving but bring some noticeable changes that allow us to play a brand new game and not just founding ourselves in front of yet another graphic upgrade.

I've allways be a huge fan of Squaresoft, moreover when it coms to the Final Fantasy saga.
The 7th opus bieng my favorite, I can't wait to get this remake once it'll be available on PC (I can't buy a PS4 jsut for this game). But i've got some fears of being deceived.
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Do not have the system or the game, but have been enjoying the new versions of the music from it.
I absolutly love remakes. For me it is totally fine to change the original story a little bit as long it is still good.:smile_:
I loved the original and I'm sure I'll love the remake as well
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They teased Crysis remastered yesterday.I couldnt play the game back in 2007 but i eventually did a year or later.And then again 2 years ago.This game series are amazing,you should play those games if you havent already but seriously i would prefer a Crysis 4...I knew Crytek were up to something even before they released Hunt: Showdown but come on with the remasters already.Infinity Ward and Konami aint gonna present anything new until they remaster all their games eventually.
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One of my favorite FPS is getting the treatment we've been waiting for for so long.
Get ready for "But can it run Crysis?" in 2020 because the legend is coming back to melt some PCs.